How can I find new events and experiences?
Our hosts add new events and experiences all the time. To find experiences that are appropriate for you, simply use the three easy filters on the home page: activity type, location and time of the event. In a few seconds you'll find a whole new world of experiences open to you.

Can I ask questions about the experiences before I buy tickets?
Of course - it's easy to message any of our hosts! Simply click "send a message to the host" on the experience page or on the "About the Host" page, or alternatively, send your question to us at support@funzing.com.

Do you check the quality of the experiences?
Yes, every experience is checked by the Funzing team before it's added to the site. We check the content and personally connect with each host to ensure that every experience meets our quality expectations. We also recommend that you read the information provided on the Funzing site to make sure that the experience is what you're looking for.

How do I open a Funzing account?
It's easy! Just click on the "Sign Up" button on the Funzing homepage and click "connect via Facebook" or fill in email and password to get started.

Why do I need to register?
You can browse the site and find great experiences even if you're not registered but you'll need a Funzing account to book your place on an experience. This ensures a host knows who to expect at their event. After you register, click on "Book Now" on the experience page and you'll automatically be directed to the secure payment page where you can choose the number of tickets you would like to purchase. You must pay for your ticket(s) to reserve your space(s).

How do I find out where an experience is taking place?
On each experience page, the location of that experience is included in the information provided. Additionally, after you book the tickets you will receive a confirmation email that includes the exact address, the number of tickets you reserved and the total price along with the contact information (including phone number) of the host.

What happens if the experience is cancelled?
In the unlikely even that an experience is cancelled, for whatever reason, you'll be notified as soon as possible via email and/or phone and the full amount paid will be refunded to your credit card within 5 working days.

What is your cancellation policy?
You can cancel your reservation for any experience and receive a full refund for the total amount paid as long as the cancellation is requested no later than 48 hours before the scheduled time of the experience. Cancellations can be made on the "My Bookings" page by pressing on the "Cancel Booking" button.

Are my credit card details safe?
Yes - we take security very seriously! All credit card transactions through Funzing are completed via SafeCharge International Group Limited, a company registered on the London Stock Exchange, and one of the world's leading payment processing firms. Safecharge has one of the highest levels of security in the industry, PCI Level 1. All transactions are carried out by Safecharge and Funzing does not store any credit card details.

How can I purchase a Funzing Gift Card?
You can purchase a Funzing Gift Card at the top of the Funzing home page, by clicking on the purple "Gift Card" button and filling out the form and payment information.
Once the team receives your request for a Gift Card, it will be emailed to you within 24 hours and will include a code to the value you have requested.
Gift Cards are valid for a year from the date of purchase.

How can I redeem a Funzing Gift Card?
Your Funzing Gift Card is an e-gift card and the email states the value of the Gift Card and the code to insert upon booking on the Funzing website.
There are 2 types of Gift Cards: general Gift Cards, which can be used to book any experience, and Gift Card for a specific experience. Specific Gift Cards can only be used to book the experience stated on the Gift Card.
To use a Gift Card, find the experience you'd like to book on the Funzing website and simply click on the button "Add Promotional Code" in the booking box. Insert the code on the Gift Card and the value of the Gift Card will be deducted from the total price payable.
If your Funzing Gift Card value is more than the total value of your booking, please email team@funzing.com, providing your Gift Card code and order number for the booking made. We we will supplement your Funzing account with credits to the value of the Gift Card.

How can I book a private experience?
Most Funzing experiences are available to be booked as a private event.
In the experience booking page, click on the button "Private Group" under the main photo and fill in the form. Please do not include personal information i.e. email address or telephone number as all correspondence should be made through the Funzing message system.
The host will respond to you via the Funzing message system and a copy of any message received will also be sent to your email address used to register to Funzing. Please ensure this email address is in use.
Once the details have been agreed between you and the host, the host will contact the Funzing team and we will provide you with an invisible link to book the event.

Will I still have to pay a transaction fee if I have a subscription?
No, if you have a Funzing Talks Subscription you won't have to pay a transaction fee.

Will I have to pay for the transaction fee if I am using a discount code?
Yes, however, the transaction fee will not be covered by the coupon code, so this will be added on top of your order.

Will I have to pay for the transaction fee if I am using credits on my account?
Yes, however, the transaction fee will not be covered by the credits, so this will be added on top of your order.

Will I have to pay for the transaction fee if I am using a gift card?
Yes, however, the gift card will cover the cost of the transaction fee.

Will I get the transaction fee back if my order is cancelled by the host or you?
Yes, if an event is cancelled by us / the host - the fee will be returned to you.

Will I get the transaction fee back if I cancel my order?
No, if you cancel your own order the transaction fee will not be returned.

Will I still have to pay the transaction fee if I purchase a gift card or a subscription plan?
No, if you purchase a gift card or a subscription plan you will not need to pay a transaction fee.


Who can create an experience on Funzing?
Absolutely anyone can create an experience! Funzing was created to allow anyone to host and share their knowledge, passion and interests. All you need to do is list your details to get started!

What experiences are worthwhile to host?
Any passion or interest can be turned into a worthwhile experience. We just recommend that you start with something that you're comfortable with. There are endless examples:
Did you recently return from a long overseas adventure? An evening sharing hints and tips will appeal to other keen travellers. Do you enjoy decorating cupcakes with your children? Other kids may love to share in the fun! Are you a history buff or an expert in ethnic cuisine? Did you just finish acting school and are looking for a fresh audience? Do you want to lead a bicycle tour or an evening of Zen meditation? The options are literally endless! Email us at support@funzing.com for some more exciting ideas.

What details are important to have on my experience page?
The information listed on your experience page will build interest in your experience. Therefore, information should be informative and comprehensive and should include high-quality images to increase your chances of appealing to a wide audience. Don't forget to write about yourself on the "My Profile" page so that registrants will get to know you better!

We recommend that you choose at least three dates for each experience.

Will my experience immediately show on the Funzing site? When?
Funzing reviews all experiences before approving them for the site to ensure that the content and quality of each experience meets the Funzing community standards and are appropriate for the intended audience.
The Funzing team will review your experience application as soon as you submit it. We will contact you by email or phone to confirm certain details or to suggest changes if necessary. When the event is approved it will be shown on the Funzing website.

How can I price the activity and determine the right length?
There are no set rules for determining the appropriate cost of each experience or a suitable length. When making these decisions you should consider the nature of the activity and the target population and set the price and duration accordingly.
If there are costs involved in running your experience, the price per registrant should include these costs plus the amount of money you wish to earn for your time. You should also consider the Funzing commission as well as any tax you may be liable to pay. Funzing hosts are entirely responsible for creating prices and the Funzing team will not get involved in such decisions.

How can I limit the minimum and maximum number of attendees
While listing your experience, you will be given the option to choose the number of guests you would like to include in your event. You will have to fill in the maximum number of attendees. We do not provide an option to set a minimum number of participants as we believe that there is inherent value in running an experience even if registration is lower than you'd hoped – these participants will become your best spokespeople and will encourage others to attend your future events. They may even come back themselves!

How can I change the number of places available after I've published the event?
We understand that sometimes you need to alter the number of available places after you've published your experience. No frets - we have made this super easy. You just need to go to 'My Events' > Click on "All Scheduled Experiences" > Find the experience you wish to change> Click on the three dots button on the right side> Choose "Update max participants> Change the number in the textbox> Click on "Update".

How can I set a certain number of experiences?
You can do this by clicking on the "Add Dates" button on the "Edit Experiences" page.

How will I know who is coming to my experience?
The system will send you an email for each reservation including the name of the participant and a link to a page with the order details. You can see a full list of future participants on the "Who is joining" page.

How can I contact participants and how can they contact me if necessary?
Upon completing the registration process participants will receive your phone number so that they can contact you to make arrangements if necessary. Likewise, guests can send you a message through the Funzing system or through the email address connected to your Facebook account.
If necessary, you can also contact the Funzing team and we can help you connect to participants.

How can I cancel an experience?
You should try to avoid cancelling an experience or changing the date of a scheduled experience out of respect for the registrants. In case you absolutely need to cancel an experience, please contact us at team@funzing.com so that we can inform your guests as early as possible. If no tickets have been purchased for a particular experience prior to its cancellation, you can cancel the experience on you own by going to "My Events" > Clicking on "All Scheduled Experiences" > Clicking on the experience you would like to cancel > 'Delete event'. You can cancel just one date for an experience or all of the experience. Please note that if an event is cancelled and tickets had been previously sold for this experience, guests will be refunded in full automatically.

What should I do if I encounter a troublesome participant?
Rejection of participants is entirely your decision and is at your own risk. Please contact us with the registrant's details so that we can handle the situation going forward.

What should I do if guests don't show up?
It is advisable to start the experience on time and not to wait for latecomers. However, should no participants show up on time, you may choose to wait 15 minutes after which time you may decide to cancel the experience altogether.

How can I change my experience details or add new dates?
To change or edit the details of your experience (time, pictures, description, price, number of tickets, additional dates), click on your name or profile picture at the top of the homepage. Go to "Edit Experiences" > Click on "All Experiences" > Go to the specific experience you would like to change > Click on the specific detail that you would like to change (edit, add dates or gallery) Don't forget to save your changes!

Commission, Payments and Taxes

What commission does Funzing take for listing and advertising experiences?
Listing experiences and advertising them for all our users to see is totally free!
Funzing only takes a commission of 15% + VAT from the price of tickets we managed to sell for you.

How do taxes work for hosts?
The host is entirely responsible for any tax on ticket sales. When setting the price for your experience, please take tax into account. Funzing will send you an invoice for its commission.

How can I withdraw the funds I earned?
We transfer funds for events directly to your bank account.

Transfers for tickets sold occur twice a month:
For events taking place between the 1st and 15th of each month, payment is processed on the 21st of that month, and for events taking place between the 16th and 31st of each month, payment is processed on the 5th of the next month. Payment will then appear in your bank account within 3 working days.

1st - 15th 21st (that same month)
16th - 31st 5th (the following month)

Please ensure you enter your correct bank details in 'my profile' section of your homepage otherwise we cannot transfer the funds to you.


How does it work?
1. Register to Funzing's Affiliate Program by clicking here
2. Use the search bar to find relevant experiences for your community using keywords (e.g. dogs, yoga, sushi)
3. Once you find an experience/group of experiences you want to share, copy the URL appearing in the pink banner at the top of the page and paste it onto your website/blog/group or page
4. And that's it - you'll receive 10% of the value of each order made by your community members

How much do I earn as a Funzing affiliate?
You'll receive 10% of the value of the first eligible order made by a user arriving on the Funzing website through your unique link, valid for 30 days from their initial click.

An eligible order is an order with a certain element of cash payment, which has not been cancelled by the user according to Funzing's cancellation policy (i.e. orders for free events or orders made solely with credit or promotional codes do not apply).

Do I have to pay any fees to become a Funzing affiliate?
Absolutely none. There are no set up fees or any other hidden costs. Plus, we ask for no commitment on your part whatsoever so joining is completely risk free.

Who can join Funzing's Affiliate Program?
Anyone - as long as you have a website, blog, Facebook page/group or any other community based social media entity. If you have a community, we are your natural partner!

Why should I join Funzing's Affiliate Program?
Becoming a Funzing Affiliate Partner gives you automatic access to the 1000's of authentic, high quality events on Funzing, to share with your community. Providing your community members with amazing offline experiences will enable face to face interactions, adding value, building connections and loyalty. Additionally, you'll make extra income for very little work.

How do I withdraw the funds I've earned through Funzing?
Once you have funds to withdraw:
Log into your Funzing Affiliate account
Click on the Affiliate tab at the top left of the page
Click on "My Earnings"
Press "Withdrawal"
Send an email to payments@funzing.com with your bank account details and an invoice for the payment
The funds will be transferred within 14 days after the receipt of the email

Who is responsible for paying taxes due on my earnings?
You, the affiliate, are solely responsible for paying any tax owed on any earnings generated.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for? Contact us via chat or phone, or send an email to support@funzing.com.

The Funzing Team

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