Turn Your Hobby into Your Business!

Join hundreds of hosts who are sharing their hobbies and passions whilst earning a profit! Simply think of an event, find somewhere to host it (even in the comfort of your own home), and leave the rest to us!

Create Your Experience on Funzing

Which experiences can be shared on Funzing?

  • Hobbies

    • Do you dry meat in a traditional way? Find others who will be happy to learn from you.
    • Is your hobby photography? Now’s the time to help others turn into better photographers.
    • Collect rare miniatures? Host a family-friendly story hour and tell others about it.
    • Are you a soul singer or creative writer? Build your own stage to showcase your talents and share your passion with others.
  • Interesting Properties

    • Do you have a recording studio in your home? Why not use the downtime to let amateur singers record?
    • Have a magical tree house in your yard? Do you live in a house with a rich history? Invite adults and children to share in the joy and excitement of your home.
    • Own an orchard? Have a licence to drive a tractor? Invite others to help harvest produce or ride around the neighbourhood.
  • Professionals

    • Are you a baker or cake decorator? Teach others how to bake and decorate a cake for a special occasion.
    • Woodworker or silversmith? Share with others your special techniques and help them create new things.
    • Tailors, musicians, dog trainers, financial experts, professors, actors, puppeteers, dancers, hair stylists, writers, physicists – share your expertise and skills with others!

The Benefits of Hosting an Experience

  • Join a Community

    • Funzing is a vibrant community that lives and breathes fun and enjoyment. We’re all waiting to have fun – and we need your help!
    • If you're looking to share your interests with others and to meet cool new people, here’s your chance to do it with no cost, no effort and no risk. If you don’t give it a try, you’ll never know if you can succeed!
    • Contribute to your community by creating memorable experiences that will enrich everyone’s free time.
  • Earn More

    • Registration is free.
    • You don’t have to invest in marketing, advertising or outreach initiatives. Create an experience, invite friends and imagine profiting from things you love doing.
    • Hosted a successful event? Congratulations! The income is there for you to withdraw.
  • Share Knowledge and Creativity

    • Share your talents, express your creativity and enjoy your hobbies and interests with new people.
    • Have you gathered knowledge over the years? Do you love learning, presenting or teaching? Don’t wait to share your expertise!
    • Meet new people who share your interests and can become great friends and contacts in the future.

Meet Our Hosts

  • ” Funzing platform answers a need we all have to discover original activities that really speak to us. Even better, the site has a fun and young feel – and the people behind the site are awesome! “ - Jessica Foster, host of "Friends Table" secret meal events

  • ” Funzing allows me to do what I love and to share my knowledge with others. The system is very easy to use and it made it possible for me to expand my reach to a wider audience. “ - John Bell, host of smartphone photography sessions

  • ” This website has brought me lots of work and exposure since I first joined. It encourages me to present to the world what I love and what I’m good at and it provides me with a steady audience. Once I discovered how easy the site is to use I knew that Funzing and I would be long-term friends. “ - Amber Hunt, host of healthy cooking classes in her home

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